Gager best friends and Gager crushes!!

Pick one:
Who is you gager best friend!!
who is your gager crush <3 <3

My gager best friend is @chocolatedragon
My gager crush is @chocolatedragon
He is a really cool person and his heart is so pure.


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  • @codysmith93 is my bestest buddie!!

    @srsly is the bae.

    @harakiri is one of my random pretties <3

    @yaddayaddayadda02 is Wise Patriarch.

    @Sparrow24 is Mother Teresa.

    These are a few of my lovely GAGgies. :P

    • @srslyly only medication at 9:30 at night could ever screw with your username. Othwrwise we both know I'm top of it...& how bad I wanna be.

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    • why thank you KBob! i'm super flattered :p

    • Thanks! But I was hoping for being your crush 😉

  • My real life best friend @harvy9 :D xxx
    My gager crushes:
    Girl crush- @wolfin-fraulein she's amazing; such a beautiful, intelligent woman- have so much respect for her.
    Guy crush- @BEatenyou ;3

    • @wölfin-fräulein *

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    • it is funny to actually call me as one against interracial intercultural relationships. my fiance is a Zoroastrian Iranian. I have never talked about my personal life here maybe that is your problem. a 28000 population minority between 80 million Muslims. I bet all of you would be very willing to even imagine going miles and miles away from your house and would still think about love in an unknown minority culture which has no similarity to yours. like going to a distant village hundreds of miles away with another language and try to live with them. I think you would more think about keeping your pants up instead of love.

      who really does that? you, old woman? others who pour nonsense about interracial relationships and multiculturalism and when it comes to adopt shit their pretty pants?

      good. talking is very easy, doing is hard. I have done, you sit and go on with your advocacy and be as vocal as you can be. but you'll never be me old woman. do not even think about that.

    • :-)
      yay! thanks. haha.

  • I'm new in the site (joined today)
    So I pick my sisters: @StoneHearth and @SnowHearth, they are my best friends

  • Best friend: @Sandplanet
    Crush: Everyone loves @redthread

  • No one :DD

  • @Nothing_ She doesn't come on often but we used to have so much laughs on here, miss her :'(

  • My gagger best friend was mealsonwheels but he's no longer active. 😞

  • @Ez_or_hard
    And some others (not alot)
    And my best friend space is not there yet lol

  • Best friend @commiekiller
    Crush @commiekiller

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