Hey I think I just got blocked on GAG. Can I recover that account or something?

Anything gag give me a solution i won't trouble u lol :) im either blocked for trolling or becoz u guys thought i was under age... but im not lol im 16 so i kinda need reason too :)


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  • DO NOT post stating you're under 13 if you're really not.
    Accounts cannot be reinstated.

    • Oh damn :( isn't there anyway? Ya i probably shouldn't have said under 13... but still is there any way u can recover it?

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  • You're by GAG definitions underage. GaG is run from usa, and there it's 18. Simple as that.
    So you are underage

    • No i mean underage for this site. I told in a comment tat i was under 13 but i was trolling and i said just to make the story believable lol

  • blocked or banned? lol. I don't think you can get it back if they banned you.

  • No, you can't get the account back. It's gone. But that's what happens when you become too big of a nuisence and show you can't be trusted with little things. Your toys get taken away.

    • Lol but it was my first time i believe tat i should have at least got a warning :/

    • And by the way i think everyone was having fun lol no one was angry. :p everyone contributed in the fun no one complained lol