Are you ok with video/audio ads appearing on websites?

I just signed in and saw a very annoying video ad.
How do you feel about the sites current ads?

  • The ads are fine
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  • The ads are to annoying lately, it makes me adblock
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  • The ads are frustrating it makes me want to stop using the site.
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  • The ads are annoying but i learned to life with it.
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  • All ads should be banished from every website ever (Permanent adblock user)
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Its been a week later, the end result of the poll seems to be that everyone hates the current ad philosopy on this website and nobody finds it ok.
Most girls learned to life with it while most guys use adblock on all the websites together with an equal amount of girls.
A sollid 21% is going to adblock because of this resulting in less income for the site and 2 people considered leaving.

This is one last request to @girlsaskguys to reconsider your ad policy for everyone below level 7.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I know that most internet sites need the ads but if they start flashing, playing music or there are just too much then I'll block them.

    • I totally agree with you as i do the exact same thing.
      As long as its normal ads its totally fine but if it starts getting out of hand i will configure my adblock to only block that site.

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What Girls Said 5

  • Yaaay adblock. Ads are so overwhelming. They're literally everywhere. I prefer to not see them at all when I'm on the internet. All the websites look so much more clean and neat without them. It makes my OCD happy. :)

  • NO! I absolutely HATE video ads because I have so many freakin' tabs open that I don't know which tab the video noise is coming from and it takes me forever to figure it out.

  • Try ad block?

    • I am level 7 myself and against adblock (Although in this case i would have done it anyway).
      This question wasn't out of my personal frustration but to make a statement to the developers of this site that they have very privacy unfriendly annoying ads.

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    • Majority of ads are placed on websites to make money and to attract buyers to their product. The internet is not the only way to market your product. It's just the easiest, cheapest and most convenient method. Trust me. I take Marketing at uni and we all agree that it's the lazy person's method. You're hardly supporting anyone by watching a ad. You only support them if you buy their product.

    • That is untrue, anyone who ever used YouTube for money or put ads on there website knows this.
      You are entirely correct that it does nothing for the advertiser if you don't end up buying the product. However the people who put these ads on there sites eigther get payed per view (Like i once used to) or more commonly they get payed per click. Having the adblocker turned off generates the income that a website needs in order to function and for most sites i don't mind having it off.

      The problem is that some sites including gag pull in many ads from annoying , dangerous and unreliable sources. I had a counter that counts requests coming from privacy invading websites , this website got over 99 so it could no longer count.

      I would really like GaG to reconsider there adpolicy and use trusted adsources with ads that are not that annoying. It would make more people unblock the ads.

  • Chose to vote for D. They are annoying, but I guess I am okay with it popping up every now and then...

    In the beginning, I thought I have some virus or malware in my computer. Then your question made me realize that I was not the only one. Now there's no video ad here. :)

    • Still there for me it pops up every single time before i login.

    • That's weird. It just happened to me yesterday, whenever I opened a new GaG tab. Today nothing has popped up at all.

      Here I am logged in 24x7, so I don't get to see the login page...

  • Not really bc they take up a lot of memory to be able to wait for the rest of the site to load.

    • I noticed that to i still wonder why my default phone browser crashes only on this website and i still assume the ads have something to do with it.

What Guys Said 4

  • That ad should be gone now!

    • I still saw it a few seconds before you posted this.

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    • Once i login i don't see an ad that system still works flawless.
      THe other users however are annoyed by the current ads you have on as you can see in the opinions.

    • I wish i could give you most helpful but sadly the ads stayed exactly the same.

  • i despise them

  • Absolutely not. They're really annoying

  • All ads are annoying. Wherever they are; websites/radio/TV.. they're a PITA!