G@G should make a 'Pot Stirrer' section here?

Seems like some of the members like to send in anonymous, titillating posts that don't require serious answers. Make a pot stirrer section and people can interact and have virtual sex or whatever they like there. Kind of a G@G orgy 'lite' for the boys and girls!

It may be good for all the virgins here. They can fool around virtually, get all stirred up and maybe learn something. Anyway, something trashy to think about. It would make a nice gift for access when you hit Xper 5.

The kids send in the titillation anyway, so might as well have a place to file it. The mods can move the posts to the section if they deem it to be of that nature.


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  • LOL! i say we shouldn't encourage that shit by making a category for it.

    • Well it happens anyway. Just file it under love. (or weird?) Someplace kind of safe where they can fool round. Like if you look at the poll on rape fantasy. Lots of gals may fantasize a little rape sex, but none want to really to happen. I'm all about documenting. And at least the girls and guys can have a peek to see what girls and guys are about when they are set free of normal social constraints. That is why it is interesting seeing what the anonymous people post sometimes. Virtue is defined by what we will do when no one is looking and we think we won't get caught. Some have virtue, others... well... put em in the pot stirrer.

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    • No, not defensive. Just standing by what I propose and answering your replies. There was a guy here that did a poll on 'do I like vagina too much' then another gal sent in a post telling mods to delete it. I replied to the vagina lover. Don't know if the mods deleted or not. But if so, I'd have preferred it was archived after I spent so much time sending in a thoughtful reply. That is all I'm saying. If you hate the idea, fine. Your entitled, just as I'm entitled to my views. Is that OK with you?

    • thats absolutely fine=]

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  • Yeah a section for those 'titillating' questions would be good... my eyebrows went up at the orgy lite and virtual sex associations though. But then again those questions already have a section... sexual behaviour right? So it would be an extension of that yet people would still post those questions in the sexual behaviour section too. Hmmm... I'm 50/50 I guess. You should have put a poll :)

    • No it would not be for legit questions. It would be for the stuff people send in that does not need answers. The sex baiting stuff people send in for attention. Like 'I'm horny boys... what should I do?" or the kid that said he likes to sniff and chew on his sister dirty panties. It is a fine line - the mods would have to decide. But if a post was going to be trashed it could go there. Sometimes it is called a recycle bin. Now, if the kid was looking for help with an addiction for his panty chewing, OK, it is legit. But if it is posted for shock and awe or kicks, then pot stirrer.

    • Lol omg, my eyebrows almost disappeared at that line with the liking chewing sister's panties thing. I get your point 100% Recycle bin sort of put what you meant into perspective for me. I agree, there should be a section like that.

  • I love it! :P

  • like a virtual love hotel?

  • Not good... there are kids here masquerading as 21 or 37, trying to get sex info, on how to do their cuzzies...

  • What? But, why?

  • GAG isn't for cyber sex.

    • Well that is another poll question, but I'm at my daily limit. And I'm not looking to post to the pot stirrer. I always use my screen name. It is for anon posters like you!

    • You make no sense.

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