So I tried to up vote an anonymous user and it told me they blocked me?

I tried to upvote this random anonymous user and it told me I couldn't because I was blocked or I blocked them? I thought you could do anything when you were anonymous (well not anything but you get my drift). Before you say anything, the question asker was anonymous too. And I up voted another anonymous user.

So I am confused, what exactly does this anonymous status affect?


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  • Are you sure it was an anon user? Sometimes members create usernames that resemble the word Anonymous, or they'll use the anon avatar.

    But if they actually did submit anonymously, that shouldn't be happening... I'd just send the Admins a message to let them know something's up, may be a bug somewhere in there.


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  • If a user has blocked you, you cannot up or down vote their opinions, even when they are anonymous. It's not a glitch. That is the only interaction that remains blocked.

    When a user goes anonymous, blocked users can still answer their questions and comment on their opinions, they just can't vote on the opinion.

  • yes, it happened to me before.. but I was trying to downvote him xD the question asker wasn't anonymous.. so it must have been the anonymous user who gave the opinion.

  • Yep they blocked you from their profile but you can still comment

    • I couldn't. I tried.

    • Yes this is not a glitch
      If someone blocks you anon you can still comment but you can not rate their question
      Most likely they blocked you when they were not anon and they posted as anon on another question hence is why you are surprised

    • You should be able to comment
      Anyone blocked or not can comment on an anonymous opinion

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