How much experience for becoming a Guru? To all the Guru's out there?

Tried asking a certain Guru directly about this but so far I feel neglected. : ( (*cough cough Cocochannel.) So i am now attempting to ask the general Guru population, how long did it take to reach Guru status, and how much experience did it require to get there? Also is there something else like selling your soul, dun dun dun, that i am missing that is required to reach said guru status?

is what toesies said true, do I also need 2 million bucks to get there as well. cause now I am worried. :0 *shocked face*


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  • You just have to accumulate so many points. You don't even have to give good advice, you just need the points. Like the top xpers, they're just the people who use the site the most. Not the ones who are the most qualified.

    • wwwwhhhhhhaaaaattt, no way, people just slipping through the cracks like that. It almost sounds like someone I know who doesn't give replies back and forces me to make this a public question.

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    • Lols, I know mate. Just ruffles me up when they do. People think that levels and stuff on here have a purpose to determine the worth of the individual and advice. By saying the ranking system is based on use, I just said that regardless if the advice is crap or not, you can excel.

    • You need 20,000 Xper to become a guru. @AJElectric

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  • I've been here since 2008... honestly don't remember when I hit Guru level. Actually I think it may have just happened in the past couple of years.

    Yet there are people who have been here for much less time than I have, who have around the same amount of Xper points I do or even more. *cough* @BertMacklinFBI
    Really it just depends on how active you are...

  • As I said in your earlier post Gurus are and exclusive bunch. You got to have a certain pedigree. Lol
    You must be an overweight virgin, loner with no friends and s highschool dropout!
    One with about 20000 xper points

  • lmao! what does selling souls have to do with it haha... you have to reach 20000 xper points to reach guru level dude!! was a member since more than a year

  • It took me 3 years but didn't get on for one so 2 years I guess? I posted lots of good questions, gave great advice and was active. I think it's harder to get to the GURU status since this new version was updated. The old one was much easier to achieve. I'm not trying to get to master.

  • sorry was busy. it took about 10 months for me.

  • You have to grease palms...2 miilion bucks.

    • nnnnooooooooo I don't have that kind of money. would sexual favors do. Or maybe if I said really nice things to someone all the time and butter them up would that help my chances.

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