Can someone explain to me the exact difference between the reporting-options "antagonistic" and "offensive"?

When does a post on here qualify as "antagonistic" and when as "offensive"?


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  • Antagonistic posts are ones that purposefully antagonize certain people or bait other members into arguing... things like "I hate all men/women, here's why"... with questions, there's nothing really being asked there, it's just a tiresome rant from someone calling out why they don't like someone or something.

    Offensive posts include content that may be seen as degrading or distasteful by most members. Racism, sexism, homophobic comments, personal attacks, etc.

    It's true they're both similar. If you report something and aren't sure which one to choose, just pick one, and the Admins will take it from there.

    • But most racist, sexist, homophobic posts won#t get removed, it seems. I get the feeling the whole "offensive" option is just an alibi.

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    • So you're saying sometimes mods won't remove something and rather respond to it? I don't think that's how it should be. Like you said.

    • Well like you said, you've seen it, and I certainly can't deny that I've also seen it happen.

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  • Offensive: Calling someone a cum dumpster

    Antagonistic: Fuck you dumb fuck. Go put a bullet in your goddamn head.

    • whooaaa whoaaa :o :o, nicely done

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    • Offensive posts are just rude. Antagonistic posts are knowingly and consciously trying to tear someone down and ruin their confidence in the worst ways possible. They typically have mentions of violent behavior and threats, demanding the victim to commit suicide, etc.

    • Still seems very ambiguous. So basically, the admins subjectively decide what is rude and what isn't. Sounds great.

  • What they said lol
    No need to repeat.


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  • "antagonistic" is one being hostile or trying to create a form of negative reaction. That or it is openly hostile towads a group.
    offensive simply means the content is offnsive to some. For example asking in explicit detail about scat (poop fetish) or trying to offend people.

    • So, if antagonistic is being hostile without using direct insults, how do the admins decise what is hostile and what isn't? Seems quite subjective and arbitrary to me.

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    • @mesonfielde you really think people wouldn't get offended by it being brought up here?

    • Lol. People get offended by talking about sunlight.

  • Offensive is a general offensive statement, such as racism or sexism.
    Antagonism is an offensive statement directed specifically at another GAGer.

  • Okay, allow me to show you the difference:

    Offensive: Girls are cheater whoresluts and deserve to be raped if they drink themselves to oblivion! That's what they went out for to begin with?

    Offensive: Don't you think skinny girls should be ashamed of how they don't look alive? I wouldn't date skeletons?

    Offensive: Muslims are at it again killing our friends and beating women - when will we ever learn? Shouldn't we deport them?

    Antagonistic: You are a fucking idiot and you should choke on a rake.

    Basically, "antagonistic" is ad-hominem aka personal attacks directed at someone, offensive is more-so mass generalizations. I hope that helped.

    • That does make sense as a difference, but if it's really that, then why do they even have an option to report something as offensive? I mean, let's be honest here - the kinds of posts you gave as examples for offensive, rarely ever get removed.

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    • Ah, it got removed? Well, finally. Haha. That guys was insanely hostile, especially in his comments.

    • Well I was replying to someone and the site told me that the question no longer exists, lol.

  • Offensive is saying something that someone may see as hurtful. For example:

    "You're a slut." Now to me I don't see calling someone a slut as offensive if it applies, but many people do. However, that's not being antagonistic.

    Antagonistic is persistent insults. For example:

    "You're scum of the Earth." Then that person responds and the antagonistic person continues. "You're a piece of shit." Etc. It's consistent.

    • Antagonistic is clear intent to hurt the other person.

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    • Exactly. That's why I don't use it much if any time at all LOL. I'd only say it to a close friend or something maybe. I usually now just say promiscuous female. Yeah better off just not using it, because saying it to some people it's like a automatic trigger and what you say after that has little value to them.

    • I can't believe we actually agree on something. Haha.

  • Antagonistic is openly being hostile. I can be offensive but not towards a specific person.