How many gag members are there? Post anything so that we can count how many gagers are there altogether?

What's the numerical value of gagers and what's thee ratio of boys/girls? Plus what do you think how many weird people are here? Tell about both the genders?:D


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  • GaG has about 5 million unique visitors per month worldwide. The company is small and probably employs a dozen people. There are countries where GaG is relatively more popular than in the U. S. One such country is Turkey. There are more females than males I believe. Are there weird people... of course... but the number of weird people depends on your definition of "weird."


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  • I don't know how many there could possibly be. I'm sure it's in the thousands with the vast majority being short-time accounts. I'd say the ratio is probably 60/40 (F to M) - but that's just a guess.

    There are a lot of fucking weirdos on this site. Catfishers, mentally unbalanced guys, attention whore girls, and a lot of just misfits. But that's what helps make it so interesting. Although the catfishers are assholes.

  • I have just counted. There are 7 GAG members.