How do I get more points more quickly? What will you redeem with your points?

Currently I have 1067 Xper points. My goal is to reach 2500 points so I can splurge on mozzarella sticks at TGIF Fridays. Or do I save them and wait for the $20 gift card from Amazon with 5000 points?

Any ideas on a plan that can help me reach 5000+ points faster?

  • GaG Shirt worth $15
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  • Donate it RAVEN
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  • $10 Gift Card to TGIF
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  • 2 Month Subscription to Netflix
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  • $20 Gift Card to Amazon
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Our FAQ is full of information like this. :)

    - Signup +10
    - Login per day +10
    - Set Relationship Status +10
    - Set Personality Type +10
    - Set Occupation +10
    - Upload Custom Avatar +50
    - GirlsAskGuys Anniversary +100
    - Birthday +100
    - Ask a question +1
    - Question gets more than 10 opinions +5 (we will check to see if duplicate accounts, which will be cancelled)
    - When you select Most Helpful Opinion for your question +2
    - myTake Comment +1
    - myTake gets more than 50 ups +10 (we check for duplicate accounts, which are cancelled)
    - Connect Facebook Account +100
    - Connect Google+ Account +100
    - Share GirlsAskGuys on Facebook +100
    - Share GirlsAskGuys on Twitter +100
    - If you are Followed by a GirlsAskGuys member +1
    - Share your opinion on a question +1
    - You got Most Helpful Award +5
    - You shared your opinion within 15 minutes after the question's asked +1
    - Your opinion is the first opinion from your gender +1
    - Share your opinion on a Featured Question +1


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What Girls Said 2

  • they add up quickly. i think amazon is the way to go.

  • I'm aiming for Amazon because I live in a crappy city that doesn't have a TGIF and my mom already pays for my Netflix (since you can have multiple accounts on it now), but MoonMice gave some great tips


What Guys Said 4

  • I got over 45,000 redeemable points. I am building it for a bunch of Amazon gift cards to help myself buy a new DSLR camera. Gonna give my current camera to my parents since they don't have a good camera.
    How do you get more points? By giving good answers to increase your chances of getting your answer chosen as "Most Helpful" so you can get additional points.

  • Just keep giving out the opinions really. I have only used the amazon gift cards personally. Your choice on what to do with them though.

  • if I did spend all my points I would donate it all.

    • Do you already donate to charities with your own money?

  • I think MHOs give you the most points, so you better put some effort into your answers.

    Also, you can make sure to answer the most recent questions by setting your live feed filter on "Questions", because you get extra points for answering a question within the first 15 minutes, as well as for being the first of your gender to answer a question.

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