Why does the Xper ranking of the "Last 7 Days" only show the top 2, while all other rankings show the top 10?

Or is that a glitch? I've noticed when I go look at the different rankings, the "Last 7 Days" ranking only shows the top 2 of both genders, while all other rankings show the top 10 of each gender.

Is that on purpose?


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  • Do you mean on the right side of the page? Those Top Xpers, are only for the Topic you're currently viewing (whether you're looking at, for example, a question in the Flirting Topic or are simply browsing Flirting questions).

    When you go to the Top Xpers page, it doesn't go by Topic, but by time.

    As far as I know it's been like this for a little while now, I do not believe it's a glitch.

    • No, not the one on the right side, those only show the top 2, I know.

      I mean when you go to the general (not topic-specific) ranking site. Every ranking shows the top 10 of each gender, except the one for the last 7 days, which only shows the top 2.

    • Ahh hm, well then yeah, that is odd. Well, if it doesn't fix itself you could always send the Admins a message to let them know that something may be wrong with that part of the site. If it's affecting you, it may be affecting other users as well.

    • Oh, well, it's not something that really bothers me enough to contact the admins. I was just wondering actually. But yeah, maybe it bothers other people, and they might see this question.

      Thanks for your help either way.

  • I see top 10 for all time categories...

    • Then it must be a glitch I'm having...

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    • I just noticed that I can only see the 10 top of the last 7 days in the specific topics.. (I was in the 'other' topic when I checked) but not in the non-topic-specific xper ranking..

    • Ha, so I'm not crazy after all.

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