Do u find anything funny about gag?

hey... guys i noticed a few funny things that people do on gag:

1. they add a quetion mark at the end of a question even if they are not asking!!
2. people sometimes leave a comment which actually doesn't mean anything!! cz its just lolz... wht is it laugh out loud... zebra

tell your funny incident on gag


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  • 1. Women who know a guy likes them, they like him, then complain that he won't ask them out and call him stupid when they're doing the exact same thing

    2. People who forever ask "what does it mean?" when it's so obvious e. g. "he looks at me and smiles at me all the time, and he told my friend he likes me, what does this mean? Does he like me?"

    • LOL @ 2! thats so true!

      I've even seen 'guy sends hey with a :). does he like me?' hahaha

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  • i once heard of it as lol.. z... [laughs then falls asleep] :P

    yeah yth do they do that?-.-

    anyway some of the things people say r pretty hilarious. iv cracked up a number of times because of it. my family questions my sanity. the other thing i find 'funny' is having such a tiny character limit on messages-.-

    • someonce asked this question... about the best breeding wife... lok

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    • LOL wow.
      and yes i see that. so is lok :P

    • yes.. yes it is!!

  • 1. The site automatically adds a question mark at the end of your title even if you dont want one.
    2. That doesn't only happen on gag.
    3. The posts here can be amusing sometimes. I do facepalm at a few.

  • Well there has to be a question mark, it's supposed to be a question that they're asking. If they don't then they should. If they leave comments that make no sense they will be removed since it's nonsense. Is it really that funny though that you find that funny or odd?

  • You have to tag people commenting on your opinion otherwise they won't get a notification when you reply to them. Smh.


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