Does G@G transform men and women into wiser men and women?

We all like this medium; we all clarify doubts for each other; and we are okay with discussing the supposedly taboo stuff. So, can we conclude that G@G helps in the transformation of men and women?


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  • No, it's just random people hiding behind a screen. For all you know we could be giving you all the wrong advice.. dun dun dunnn


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  • Well it's makes people smarter in the case that they know what to do if they run into the same situations. I'm certainly philosophical and have helped out many people on this site. I think it's awesome.

    • Fair enough, that. But I doubt whether someone can solve their self-conundrums just by looking up on G@G. Ha ha

    • Very true because there are a million problems out there and there not always one way to solve it

    • Yeah mate; thumbs up.