How do I post a question with pictures?

How do I do so? amd if someone's gonna say make them into a web link, HOW do I do that?


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  • upload your pic here: and post the short. jpg link in your question

    Imgur. com works too, so does photobucket. com (and a few similar


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  • I found the following information from the FAQs:

    It's easy! Simply copy and paste the URL address of the video or image. After you've submitted your post, the system will embed it for you.
    Images and videos will only embed in a question's details or in an opinion, never in a question update or a comment.
    Also, you can only post 10 clickable links per post!
    Please remember, nothing explicit or offensive! Keep it relatively clean, guys!

    NOTE: You have to be at least Xper level 2 to be able to do this.

    • What if it's a pic on my iPhone tho? Like how do I turn that into a URL?

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    • Thanks itsme_goodsamaritan.

      Asker, if it's your image, you'll first have to upload it to some kind of image sharing site like tinypic, imgur, photobucket and then copy/paste the link that site gives you for the image.