Should members get a penalty for asking repetitive questions?

I think that if you ask a question within 48 hours (2 days) of the same question being asked you should face some type of penalty for it such as not being allowed to ask another question for a whole week afterwards.

This is to punish people that ask repetitive questions (penis size, breast size, "which do you like better?", etc) that are the same; within a short period of time, and to force people to use the search bar to check and see if the question was asked today before they go asking the same question all over again.

Of course there would have to be allowances for questions posted in the same time frame (for example if you post a duplicate question within 2 hours of another poster you will be waived), but I think that setting a limit on how often you could ask the same question would make G@G a significantly better environment.

What do you guys think?

  • Good idea! People need to stop asking the same 5 questions repetitively on G@G
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  • Not a bad idea, but needs some adjustments..
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  • Bad idea! I like answering the same question over and over again. It's easy XPer points!
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  • But I love asking if my penis/boobs are big enough.. why do you want to take that away from me?
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  • I feel like I just saw this question yesterday...

    (J/k, I'm totally trolling) =D


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What Guys Said 4

  • I think there is already something like this. sort of.

  • Yes and also a penalty for stupid questions that everybody knows are bull shit

  • Goddamn YES, fudge that repetitive bullshit.

  • No its a bad idea. Who are you to make rules and restrictions on people bc you don't like their questions. I don't know where you are from, but I come from a free land and we shall have freedom of speech!! People should police themselves and if you don't like it don't answer!!

    • Why do people always give the Freedom of Speech rant when they feel attacked personally?

      I have nothing against you Anon. I just don't like seeing the same question over and over and over again. I'm not attacking you or your freedom of speech I'm just saying people could use the search bar is all.

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    • You're acting like the people who run GaG actually read questions like these though. This is just hypothetical. Nobody is even really going to pay attention to what I'm saying.

    • Tbh I think that the penis question guy is mostly one guy bc the posts come one after each other and today there really hasn't been any. Maybe he had stuff to do today or something. And I know that this is what is bothering you for the most part.

What Girls Said 3

  • Horrible idea. That would just deter people from using the site all together. As long as a user abides by the posting guidelines already in place, there should be no "punishments" for asking questions. After all, that IS the whole purpose of this site.

    Do I think more users should use the search bar? Yes. However, in the end, this is a Q&A site and essentially EVERY question has already been asked at least once. Plus, a lot of times people have specific details unique to their personal situation that they want to include in their question. Maybe they already looked in the search feature and didn't find answers to what they were looking for.

    I simply don't agree with handing out "penalties" to users simply for asking a question that already gets asked often. If it annoys you, it isn't hard to just ignore the questions you're tired of seeing. Don't click on them, just keep scrolling and find another question that interests you.

    • I guess, but I'm not really referring to questions with specific details. I'm referring to questions like "does penis size matter?" and "are b cups ok?" being asked multiple times in the span of only 24 hours.
      There could be a neat little pop up thing that says "Looks like your question has already been asked today! Would you like to follow it?" or something like that so people don't have to ask the same crap over and over

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    • I was going to say 2 days, but I noticed people that tend to ask questions like that tend to ask questions sporadically in general and not on a daily basis, but honestly I'd be happy if there were just a little more emphasis on the search bar on this site.

      On just about any other site you'll get chewed out if you ask a question and there's already an ongoing thread about that particular topic, but here nobody cares how many times you do the same thing.

    • well first the site would have to actually fix the search bar. Many times I will search for something and the search results are completely unrelated to my question OR the results are 5 years old and I'm not interested in reading a thread that old.

      But anyway, it doesn't matter what other websites do. This website is unique in that, while yes there posting rules, users are essentially free to ask any questions they want as long as it is within the posting guidelines. So again, if you don't like the repetitive questions, you don't have to click on them. Just ignore them.

  • I voted D. just to horse around. The thing is a lot of questions seem stupid but a lot of times, i think its people trying not to feel alone and to hear others talk and relate to their personal problem eventhough that personal problem has been asked a gazillion times! Sometimes I want to bitch about the guy who didn't return a call, who I slept with and then disappeared. We all know the answer is "he's just not into you" but sometimes people just want to be heard and they want to express their insecurities to complete strangers who won't hold that information against them.

    My conclusiĆ³n is, what makes GAG special is that people can ask questions that irk them on a personal level eventhough thousands go through the same shit on a daily basis.

    • Yeah I guess so, but it just seems like it'd make more sense if the people who were having the same problems talked to each other about it than asked the same questions over and over kinda people do on a forum-based website.

  • Omg Yes! It's so annoying