N00b. What are the rules of the road?

Last night, I was using Bing to figure out how to find a FB in a new state.

I found this site and some poor misguided little girl asking how to give a blow job. I wanted to put a link up for YouPornDotCom and tell her to search instructional videos. Can I post links here?

thanks for the input. I suppose I should mention that I have always refused censorship as I believe it hurts in the long run.

That chick could learn the wrong way and gain a horrible reputation that will ruin her life. Or learn the right way and gain a reputation that will make her popular for all of the (in) correct reasons. Either way, teenaged pregnancy averted.


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  • Our posting guidelines can always be found in our FAQ. :) https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq/posts

    We NEVER allow links to p*rn pictures, videos, or sites. This isn't an adult site, so don't share that here.
    You can post clean links, if you'd like. It will embed and become clickable for anyone reading it.

    DO NOT share explicitly with users under 18.
    If you see under 18 asking for explicit details or asking for sex tips, please flag that post using reason Adult Content.


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  • You can post links, but please try to avoid sharing links to p*rn sites or other sites with explicit content.
    Also, not sure how old the "poor misguided little girl" is, but if she's younger than 18 answers with explicit details are discouraged (and in fact under 18 users are not allowed to ask how-to questions in the Sexuality Topic).


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