How do you make your own Article on GaG?

I would really much like to write about my surfing trips i have around the world and would like to share some experience and stories with people here but i don't know how to make an article. I would very much appreciate it if someone could help me out here please?

Thank you for trying if you've answered below! :)

  • Yes! i do know how to create an Article :)
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  • No i'm sorry! :(
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  • You cannot yet, right now only Expert tag people can. However, tolga said they are planning to open it up for normal users too "soon".


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  • We're not currently accepting new article submissions.
    However, we have a new feature better than articles coming VERY soon! Stay tuned!

  • Only certain members can write articles at this time. There's talk of opening it up to all users.


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