How do you spend Xper points?

How do you actually spend these?


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  • You simply contact the admins here:

    Then in the drop down box, you would select "Redeem Xper" and in the text box you would specify what it is that you want. For Amazon cards you have to include the country you live in and to feature a question you have to include a link to the question you want featured (questions in the 'sexuality' topic cannot be featured).


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  • I usually redeem Amazon GC's

    When you log in, on the top right hand corner is a drop down list with your name and profile pic, hover you arrow over it and click on the xper button and then scroll below - look at rewards and what you want to redeem. There'll be a message box -where you state and submit what you want to redeem the xper for

  • I always buy a book from AMAZON with my 20 dollar gift card. I still have not read the last 4 books I purchased with my amazon money. Maybe I will do it this December when school is over.


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  • go to xper on your account and redeem them.

    • I see where it shows how many have been redeemed but no button to actually redeem! Do you have to be a certain level before you can redeem?

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    • its right above the rewards, you can't miss it.

    • cheers guess its just not appeared for me yet! I was told you can spend them if you are from UK is that right?