How much XP do you need to get stuff on GAG?

Well like I said, how much XP do you need to get an amazon gift card? also have you ever done it? what did you get? and how do you redeem the XP?


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  • It used to be 4000 to get a $20 gift card but now it is 5000. However if you want something other than gift cards - I believe less experience points are okay.

    • Nah I go for the amazon gift card, I already got netflix and I am only interested in the amazon gift card but it is a long way till I get 5000, I only have 135 xp right now :(

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    • You need 10 answers or more thought but try. I'm sure you can do it.

    • Alright thanks!!! the MHO is for you but it is not letting me, gotta wait a little bit lol

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  • Our FAQ is full of information like this. :)

    Feature Your Question = 750 Xper points
    GirlsAskGuys T-Shirt = 1000 Xper points (ships to US & Canada only)
    TGI Friday's Giftcard - $10 = 2500 Xper points (only available in US)
    2 Months Netflix - $16 = 3500 Xper points
    Donation to Raven - $15 = 3500 Xper points
    Donation to Raven - $30 = 7000 Xper points
    Amazon Giftcard - $20 = 5000 Xper points

  • I have a lot of Xper, but unfortunately most of the redeemable stuff are valid only in the US and Canada. :(

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