Can any GAG moderator please explain the categories of reporting a question?

There seem to be several categories for "report a question". I'm not able to decipher the meaning (context) for each one, so can a moderator explain it? Or can you link me to the page where it has been explained, if any?


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  • It's fairly simple, I'l do my best to explain.

    Adult Topic- These are questions/opinions/comments that contain overly sexual content posted by users under 18. Members must be 18+ to ask “how to” sexual questions

    Antagonistic- Post that basically baits other users into an argument. So, posts that involve name calling like "you're an idiot" are antagonistic.

    Duplicate- Users cannot post the same question more than once. If a user has posted the same exact question twice, the duplicate post will be removed.

    Explicit- The post contains sexually explicit details that are considered poor quality content. This includes sexual responses to non-sexual questions as well as posts about bestiality or incest.

    Grammar- Posts that have too many spelling or grammar mistakes which makes it difficult to read.

    Member Post- Any post that speaks negatively about another GAG user will be removed.

    No Sexuality Topic- This is for sexual questions that are not in a sexuality topic. All questions regarding sexuality must be in a sexuality topic.

    Nonsense- Posts that are irrelevant or don't contain enough details will be removed as nonsense. This only refers to questions though, not answers or comments.

    Offensive- Posts that are blatantly insulting or degrading such as racism, for example.

    Spam- If the post is an advertisement or solicitation, it will be removed. Also, questions only asking others to chat will be removed as spam.

    Underage- Members must be at least 13 years old. So, all posts from under 13 members will be removed and their accounts will be cancelled.

    This can all be found in the FAQ as well, with more detail :)

    • Thanks a lot. After reading this, I wonder there are so many "reportable" questions here on GAG.. does noone use them? Or just the mods who are on the lookout for bogus questions?

    • A lot of people do use them, yes. But admins sometimes get busy so they don't get around to reviewing the reported posts for at least 24 hours.

    • Thanks xHoneyxBeex!

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