What does it take to be a mod here? Its like pulling teeth to get any Answers?

Been here long enough almost 4 years and get on here everyday. I wrote the site a week ago and nothing back so far after they said they would review it. But yet they give Mod ship powers to teens that have been here for only 4 months that have Low MH scores and she got mod ship after 4 hours of writing the site about being a mod. New Mod's are popping up left and right of all ages now the last two days but yet I get over looked. I was a mod before on another site so I do have experience and even told the site that. Is it because I stand firm an old school style kind of guy and they don't want that here?


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  • maybe she has connections 😉 or she has been here much longer, just created a new username lately.

    • I don't think she does, she just wrote the site and heard back from them in 4 hours getting modship powers. She has only been here 4 months. I have been here going on 4 years. I see many new Mod's now on here that I have never seen before I am Insulted to tell you the truth

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    • Thanks for the MHG ^^

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  • Why would you want to be a mod here?
    Anyway, perhaps those people were chosen more because of where they're located and times they can be online than seniority? And maybe they do need regular posters like yourself to keep on being... just regular users. But I've no idea, I guess it would be nice to receive some feedback concerning your application being it positive or negative.

  • I've never asked or inquired about it.. I also wouldn't until my experience level was higher... I think your fair in answering questions... So I don't know what dipta said could be a possibility that it was based on location I don't know

    • @Rcjh1987 We both know I am a Christian. Hard core stand up for your rights Rep Under GOD. They are into gay rights same sex marriages on this site that's why. Sparrow 24 Ignores me because she's a Feminist and supports gay rights.

    • I know you are...

    • Thank you

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  • You can become a Moderator by logging in regularly, asking interesting, informational, and useful questions, as well as offering opinions to other users. By doing so, you will accumulate Xper points. After you have shown a pattern of asking questions and sharing your opinions (showing your ability to communicate clearly, give sound advice, and offer valuable information) and have made yourself a regular user on the site, we will consider you as a Moderator.

    Hint: The success rate of a user's reports is an important criteria to be selected as a Moderator. You can report unsuitable content by clicking on the gray flag from any post. All reports are evaluated by the admins and the success rate on reports by every user is calculated by the system automatically. A user with a high percentage of success rate on reports is more likely to get a Moderator invitation.

    Possible reasons a user wouldn't be promoted to Moderator status:
    Very low report success rate, reporting posts that don't need to be removed
    Users who antagonize and insult other users
    Users who post offensive content
    Users who've had many posts removed
    Users who've been given several warnings

    • We both know that's not the reason. The fact is you would have never gotten back to me and you use my freedom of speech to make an excuse here. So now what's next the ban hammer for telling it like it really is? Is that really being fair? I don't like walking on egg shells, I help out people here and have been here for almost 4 years now and this is how you repay me? Ok do what you have to do then.>>>>You are very antagonizing and you are on a final warning, this is why you have not been promoted to Moderator status.
      Please do not post insulting our mods again.
      Sun, Nov 16 6:26:50 AM

    • I was Asked by Sparrow24 when she was here a few years back but Refused.. I felt it Might tie me down and didn't want the Responsibility. I enjoy Guru and also Working Hard to Reach Master, but of course, I could always change my mind in being a Moderator, I sure qualify... Again, if not more now. xx

  • One-Complaining about it won't garner you any points.
    Two-mods typically have unbiased opinions.
    Three-You might be a tad old for the targeted age range.
    Four-why would you even want to be a mod?

    • Just thought it was relevant, but you remind me of Adam from Myth busters. I'm going to pretend I never randomly intruded now.

    • Not old when you have experience plus this site goes past the age of 45. if not they would have an age limit. here Its not just a site for kids and teens Its for all ages. I was once a teen myself and been there and done that I am also wise now. I talk to many others in private giving them advice and they think I am very helpful. I also said all age range so Its not the age thing at all. What I don't understand is why does a teen girl that's been here for only 4 months get it so fast that has a low MH score?

  • Well, they wouldn't pick me to be a mod because sometimes I just can't keep my temper in :) it feels like filtered information if I don't convey the notion that I am slightly irritated by something. It probably has to do with quality of answers.

  • Yeah dude, I dunno. They're pretty picky. I applied a little while ago and got the same thing.

    Granted I've only been on here two months, but I'd do it!


  • you just have to be full of prejudice

  • Maybe they're looking for new age ideology? Or your MHO percentage isn't high enough? Or you haven't bribed anyone with currency or sexual services. Of course the last sentence is sarcasm, but don't dwell on it too much brah..

    • Its high enough my MH score because the teen girl is at 7 percent only and she got Modship right away and is new here of only 4 months