By which measure MHO are selected automatically?

I mean those who selected automatically after 30 days.

Are they selcted by who posted the opinion first or who has the most Xper among the people who commented or just randomly?


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  • You ask a lot of questions that are answered in our FAQ, why not giving it a look. :)

    It's chosen based on engagement: votes, comments, length, time, xper level, gender, among other criteria. As long as you're giving helpful opinions, we'll find them!

    • gender? how's that possible? who come first males or females?

      thanks anyway

    • If the question is asking more for guys' opinions, or more for girls' opinions, that is thrown into the consideration.

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  • I feel one of the mods goes through the responses and decides to award the MHO to the most meaningful answer based on what he/she thinks.

  • Im not sure but I would guess that it would be random

    • personally i believe it has to do with Xper points, because lately i receive more MHO automatically selected than i did in the past when i had less Xper

    • I haven't been a part of this website for long so you are probably right

What Guys Said 3

  • The computer program "Das GaG" chooses for us.

    We must all bow down to its power.

    *bows, kisses ground*

  • I'm pretty sure what's taken into account is XPER level, upvote/downvote ratio, and something else.

  • Votes (not sure if downvotes are considered) or amount of comments on your opinion

    • are you sure about it or it's just a guess?

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    • yes i read it in "Help" section under "features" ---> "Why did the system choose a Most Helpful Opinion (MHO) for me?"

    • ah ok thanks then

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