Too soon for MHO I don't understand?

I tried to give a MHO and it said at the top "Too soon for MHO?" What gives on this limitation?


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  • If you get 4 opinions in 2 minutes, you can select MHO quickly.
    Otherwise, it'll make you wait several more hours, or even a day in the hopes that you'll receive several more responses.

    • That never happens, that's the flaw of that.. because if you are not on the main page that auto refreshes what you get is pretty much all the answers you will get for your question.. that's my biggest hate for the new site and why I really don't ask too much questions here because you get maybe 1-3 answers and that's it.

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    • That's right @Mesonfielde. The limit is in place to keep people from constantly spamming with "..." or "bump" as their update. Just like with every other type of post, we have limits in place to try to keep people posting content of some quality.

    • I did not know that's how they were bumping it

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  • Not enough opinions given, perhaps. I made my account today so I'm not sure.


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  • It allows for enough time for everyone to answer your question.