Results are in for the Top 10! Please comment on who you think will win the contest and who should be in the Top 5 of 'The Bachelor: GaG Edition'?

Previously on 'The Bachelor: GaG Edition'...

The field started with 25 girls whom were nominated amongst their peers ( and now the field is cut down to the Top 10!

Previous Voting Results:
People's Choice:
Thrifty's Favorites:

The winners of the ‘Beauty’ category are:

The winners of the ‘Brains’ category are:

The winners of the ‘Brawn’ category are:

The winners of the ‘People’s Choice’ category are:

The winners of the ‘Thrifty’s Favorites’ category are:

These ladies have won in their respective categories of the brightest, most beautiful, most physically fit, the people's choice, and my personal hand-picked favorites.

Please comment for who you think is the overwhelming favorite to win on 'The Bachelor: GaG Edition'!

*I would like to thank everyone who has participated (willingly or unwillingly), so far. I would also like to thank everyone who have commented, voted, and all the contestants who have been a great sport.

Disclaimer: Derogatory statements towards the female contestants are totally unacceptable. Please be respectful and refrain from doing so--and, for future reference for those who do it again, I will going to destroy you.

Please stay tuned for the field to be cut in half and see who will be in the Top 5. Also, there will be a chance to SAVE a contestant who has been voted off.

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  • Dude, I'm so over this ^^^^

    • You may be 'over [it]', but your fans are not over you.

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    • Don't tell me there's gonna be another one?

    • This is only the quarterfinals.
      Next round is the Final 4 but [Spoiler] one person who has already been eliminated will have the chance to be SAVED and put into the Top 5.
      Finally, the people will vote for the final 2 before the Championship.

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  • Can't believe GaG mods are putting up with this.

  • Another scripted reality show, just what the world needs.

  • O_o at first i was creeped out... now... part of me actually wants to see who wins haha

  • A popularity contest?

  • Am I the only one who doesn't understand what is going on here?