What's the difference between questions and takes?

What's the difference between questions and takes?


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  • myTakes (what we used to call Articles) are stories, insights, experiences, advice and/or tips that reaches our G@Gers without the question.
    Questions are, of course, questions.

    Our FAQ is full of information like this. https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq/posts

    You can now post and share your experiences, insights, and opinions for the opposite sex without having to pose them as questions! Did you learn a great lesson in your last relationship? Do you have advice that you feel would help G@Gers? Post a myTake and share, vent, or help!

    You can post a myTake by clicking the black myTake button from the home page. You’ll enter your myTake’s title and click the orange Share button.
    From the next page, you’ll add details, images and videos (if you are Xper Level 2+), you can format your text (if on desktop/laptop), select a Topic, choose if you want opinions or if you want to post anonymously, and more!
    You’ll then click Preview MyTake to verify everything looks the way you want it to look.
    Then you can either Edit, Delete, or Submit. Submit and your myTake is posted and ready to help or inspire others!

    You can also hover over (or tap, for mobile) Post in the top menu and click/tap Share myTake. Then follow the same process as above.

  • Instead of ASKING everyones opinions on something, you are TELLING them your opinion. You are giving them "your take" .

    • so now everyone can act superior than others? I gotta love it.

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    • I wonder what will get more posted now.. questions or takes 😂

    • I'd be to scared to post a take 😨

  • No more rants disguised as a question.

  • Simply put; question is self explanatory. Your take is simply saying what you feel.


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