How do I redeem my xper? what's the feature question thing I have to fill out?

How do I redeem my xper? what's the feature question thing I have to fill out. Confusing as !!! Can someone tag the GAG people


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  • You can either send a message to the Admins to let them know you want to redeem your Xper, or you can go to your My Xper page and redeem there.

    If you want to feature a question, you have to choose one that's already been asked (in other words, you can't feature a question at the same time you ask it; so post first, and then redeem). Just include the link to the question you want featured when you send in a request to redeem your Xper.

    • I tried to do it myself on my xper and just got confused. I'll message them instead.

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  • Our FAQ is full of information like this. :)

    There are two ways you can do it:

    - Click Contact (found at the bottom of every GirlsAskGuys page).
    Select Redeem Xper from the Regarding drop down menu.
    Follow the instructions there for your specific request and BAM... you'll get a response within 72 hours!

    - Or you can go to your profile page, click My Xper from the left menu, then click Redeem Points, and follow the instructions.

    Remember, redeeming Xper points only affects your Redeemable total, not your Total Xper Points or your Xper Level.

    For Featured Question requests, you must have 750 redeemable Xper points, remember that it can't be a Sexuality-related question, and always include the URL link of the question you want us to feature.