Who would like for the regular previous Live Feed to come back? (poll)

I don't need this new "feed" system. I liked the previous, plain vanilla regular "Live Feed" selection at the top of the GAG screen. I don't want "Site Feed," "My Feed" or "Filtered Feed." It wasn't broke so why fix it? Live Feed was fine the way it was!

  • Bring back the previous Live Feed!
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  • No, I like all this new, inconvenient, and needless complexity with Filter Feeds, My Feeds, and Site Feeds.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • didn't live feed have filters on it before?

    • @harakiri Yeah, I think it did. But what was so nice was you could just ignore all that (which I did) and just access the site through the Live Feed at the top. That was how I GAGed. Now I've got to click on the Home icon in order to be able to click on "Site Feed." It was more efficient the way it was. What were they thinking? smh

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    • lmao :D did you also become one with the wind and trees? :p

    • @harakiri I became one with the brick wall of my house. It was very Zen like. :)

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What Girls Said 3

  • Dafuq you guy talking about?

    My feed exactly the same as it was before. No filters are forced on anyone, they're optional.

  • Yeah it was better man

  • Myself I hardly ever used the live feed. I'm fine with the new layout.


What Guys Said 1

  • I agree with you.
    Filter this. Filter that. Filter those. Filter him. Filter her. Filter age. Filter filter.
    Holy f**k this is ridiculous. Last time there was a big change it took about 2.5 - 3 weeks to be able to really move around the site.
    I don't see this one being any easier.