A suggestion for a useful change on the new GAG?


Set it up so that if I block someone. They are blocked 100%.

Now, if I block ironeddie for example. I know there are all the features listed in the FAQ. But why can I still see his posts?

If I go into a question and I'm reading through the opinions. Why can I read ironeddie's? I know I can't comment etc.

If ironeddie asks a question here, I can't see it (Woo Hoo). Until... someone gives an opinion. Then there he is.

I'm on another site. And it's set up so if I've blocked ironeddie everything is blocked. The only way I am reminded of him is if he gives an opinion in a thread.
Then there is an auto generated message that reads something to the effect of. "You can not read this users opinion, because you have ironeddie on your blocked list."
But I'm still able to read other users opinions and make my own.

I mean I have ironeddie blocked for a reason.

Just a suggestion.


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  • Do you know the extent of coding changes that would require?

    • That's not my concern how much work it is. It's a suggestion of what I'd like to see. I'm sure this new site format took a fair amount of coding too.

    • Not anywhere near as much as you're suggesting. The website would have to basically be torn down and replaced. Removing a person from your view when you block them entirely is often done on other forums that use simpler languages and can simply "search" and parse the names. Obviously this website doesn't run off of BBCode. :p

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  • There's an option in your profile settings under privacy that will hide all the activity from blocked users. Just make sure that "Hide all activity of users I've blocked" is checked, and click Save.

    • Thank you. I've had that checked off since the upgrade earlier this year. Unless there has been a change with this new version. It doesn't hide anything

    • That's weird. Maybe it doesn't work for the Live Feed, but only for your custom feed where you see posts from users you follow.

  • I agree lol


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  • Bring back the old live feed filters and change the ages back to the way they where.