How do you find the new update that Gag made for us specially the new option " My Take "?

I find it so cool thing but I would like more of new updates like chat room, groups of chat, delete my own question, delete an opinion or comment, Change my name,...

I can delete my question before sumb it but I would like to have option to delete it after I sumb :P maybe Edit it to :D

Now I can chose question I would like to see using Age option God Thank you Gag xD now more annoying under 18 questions :P


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  • I agree i like the updates here i like to see more happen on here

    -No more anonymous posting by people under age 18 they are trolling , spamming
    -Do give people the ability to change their username least once ever 60- 90 days
    -Give people the option of chat-room only when 1 -2 moderators can be in there or online
    -Give us the ability to edit/ delete our on questions / opinions/ comments

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  • I do like the updates for the most part. I like takes, and the site renders a lot better on mobile devices. I like being able to see who follows my question.

  • When you start getting into chat rooms you are going to get into a lot of e fighting left and right and will need more mod's to watch for trolling and so on, seen many issues with chat rooms, but if you set a rule for anything goes but spamming that can work If you have thick skin. Then you won't need so many mod's around the clock


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