Why does it say an error has occurred please try again when ever I try to message my crush on here?

She hasn't blocked me cause I can still answer her questions and she can still answer my questions and we both follow each other.


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  • I find it funny you had to disclose the issue was you were trying to message your crush... people in love, lol.
    What about connecting and messaging somewhere else?

    • You know what's funny? How I've heard so many women say that on here about how GAG isn't a place or a way you could meet somebody to date yet all those dating sites have almost all the women only use it as a way of getting attention and not actually using it for its purpose which is to find dates.

    • Well I wouldn't know since I've never been on one of those dating sites. I'm not saying you couldn't meet someone on GAG nor I'm criticizing that, just saying that now that you guys have reached that level, it would maybe be a good idea to find other ways to keep in touch as well (what's up, line and other platforms) instead of simply relying on GaG messaging system. But well it's a good thing you reported the issue.

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  • We're so sorry to hear you're having issues using GirlsAskGuys!
    Please tell us what kind of device you're using (desktop, mobile, Mac, PC, etc) and what browser you're using (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc) so that we can investigate the issue!
    If you could possibly send us a screenshot of the problem, that'd be really helpful as well.

    • I am using a desktop a laptop and am using chrome.

    • Thank you, we're looking into it!

    • :) thank you I appreciate it my crush said she has had that problem as well.

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  • Contact GAG

  • Hopefully it will work :(

    • I know I think its a glitch when GAG updated I hope they fix it :( I read your messages I still can't message you it sucks :(.

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    • It works now, but earlier today it didn't

    • @GirlsAskGuys I do not have a messaging issue, it's just him. He used to have it, but now it works, fortunately.

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  • It's GaG new update telling you to move on, it's not going to happen :D
    Jk I dont know haha

  • it has to do with the emiticons like the heart for exame. aftsr i delete the emoji, i was able to send. as silly as it sound, its quite stupei -_-