How many people among the total population around the world do you believe know the existance of G@G?

No matter if they're signed up or not. Just if they know it's existance.

Since the site is around 7 years, I'd say around 0.8-1% among the total population, and 5-6% among the US population. What do you believe?


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  • not that many i believe
    this site has been up for like years i HAVE NEVER even heard of such thing till a few months ago

  • I don't know anyone offline (that I know of), who know of GAG... Well my boyfriend knows. He tracked me down all the way here.

    • What if they lie?

    • The thing is... almost all of them are all absorbed by/obsessed with Facebook, and whatsapp.

      But I have noticed that there are about 4-5 people from my area (city) here on GaG... There might be more.

      Well yeah, there is a possibility that they might lie. (I definitely will lie about membership here on GaG, because I am too honest over there, and I don't want people offline to know too much about me and would prefer to remain "anonymous").

  • less than 0.001%


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  • d00d no one I know in person knows about GaG hahaa

    • what if they lie?

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    • anyway i doubt there are over 5000 people in my country who will know about this site

    • you can always spread it, but then they will ask about you lol

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    • probably the 1% of UK/Canada/Australia/India's population as well

    • In Greece probably no more than 0.1%

    • Very very small in Greece I bet. You're the only one from Greece I know on here. Still doesn't mean there aren't some there who check out the site and just aren't a regular though so yeah 0.1% sounds right to me.

  • I don't think 70 million people know about this site. It's hard to put a number on, but I wouldn't even put it at half that.

  • I'd go with less than 1%.

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