Do you think the moderators on this site are LESS likely to be catfishes? And why do you say so?

This question came to mind because I was away from GAG for a few days and when I returned, I saw so many threads about GAGers catching all the catfishes :P

  • Yes, I think the moderators on this site are LESS likely to be catfishes.
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  • No, I don't think so.
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  • I don't know.
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  • I think they're probably less likely, yeah.

    The admins do a pretty good job of trying to vet the members that they choose as mods. Also keep in mind that admins can see ALL anonymous posts as well, so they have a better idea of how users post behind the scenes; that probably helps them a LITTLE bit to make more educated judgments about who is real and genuine.

    With all of that said, no, I can't say with 100% certainty that there's no catfish living amongst the mods here. I know I'm not one, and I know for certain that one or two others are legit, but that's about it.

    • Yeah, GAGers show their true colours when they post anonymously. And the admin knows who the GAGers with duplicate accounts are by checking their IP addresses :)

    • Agreed. And thank you for the MH. :-)

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  • 1. Vote 'A' but that's assuming knowing the way users are here and wishful thinking :-D
    2. A 'mod' is a voluntary thing out here but yes the admin does watch the user before granting them mod status
    3. But however, someone who wants to reach the epitome of catfishing - probably thinks that he/she has a mission doing that etc sure is going to be difficult to identify unless self declared :-)
    4. So far we go with the hope even if not complete assurance that mods are less likely to be catfishes :-)

  • I voted A, -less-. Not 100% less. But less.

    Most catfishes are relatively low xper. There are some high profile exceptions, but they are exceptions.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the odd catfish has been a mod.

    • @Animedreama and @Sandplanet had a lot of Xper

    • @klaatu51 yup. Which is why people are talking bout them. As opposed to the armies of low xper girls with hot Instagram ripped pics

  • Yes, yes I think that it is very very very likely that the moderators on GaG are not catfishes, almost certain.

    • Haha, why? :D

    • I know most of them quite well, well enough to have been able to tell. Not saying I know for sure, just fairly certain :)

  • Don't care about the moderators anymore than I do of the regular users.

    So, no.

  • If they were fake, how on earth they'd make them moderators? LOL

  • Yes moderators are less likely to be Catfishers but i only trust people to certain amount

  • Don't know. I did make a pix of me to post hopefully soon.

  • There is no gain to the behavior for a moderator. There is no purpose for them to be a "catfish" particularly because if they were considering they work together they'd have to all be in on it.


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  • Initially I thought they are less likely to be catfishes, but then now i dont know. Sometimes in life, things come as a surprise, and nothing is absolute, perhaps for this too :P

    • The moderators on this site are either selected by the admin or nominated by fellow GAGers :P

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    • Haha, 你zhi道ma, 昨wan我meng见ni发信息gei wo, xiang我投sù Zango是xin的mao yu. XD

    • who who

  • They can be. The owners don't know them, they're just users of the site like you and I who were picked out for various reasons.
    I've been moderator on a few sites before, and I could of been anybody, nobody knew who I was. Moderators are just to take down racist, sexist offensive kinda stuff, not some professor in honesty.