Anyone else having trouble with

Sometimes the website gets all weird and lagging and glitchy--to the point of signing out and restarting in a new tab. Sometimes it just totally freezes! Anyone else having problems? If so, what kind of internet and/or device are you on?
I'm on a Kindle Fire HDX which has Silk internet.


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  • I believe Internet speed can cause lot of lagging and glitches. I have one of the best laptops
    and good Internet high-speed through Comcast and i had loading problems for quite sometime
    just recently I've noticed a improvement with their loading speed. It's shame we pay good money
    for Internet rates and we get crappy service.

    • Yeah the other day dad realized that the computer is trying to download a crap load of stuff so that's why the internet is slow. That doesn't explain everything, though. This is the only site that gets really glitchy and slow sometimes and it's the only site that I've noticed it freezing when it isn't even loading anything

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    • Ugh. Hard to tell

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  • YES, that's happened to me before. It has happened in the past few days, but you aren't the only one. Safari is my browser and I use a MacBook Pro.

    • Ok, nice to know it's not just me