How do I know if my answer was posted?

So I think its obvious but I am new at the page and I was trying to send an anwser, hit the send button like 3 times and never saw anything happen I'm not sure if it is that you can't see your own comment or if it didn't work.

P. s. Loving the site


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  • 1. On top of the page you'll see 'Opinion Submitted' coming up when your message / answer has been submitted. It will flash for a short while before disappearing
    2. You can also check if your opinion has been submitted by going to your 'Opinions' tab
    3. It's always advisable to copy your opinion (I do that always) before hitting send just in case there are bugs or internet decides to play truant etc :-) Just in case anything happens, I simply hit the back button and paste my opinion on the relevant question again :-D

    • Thank you, young lady for your kind and gracious gesture of selecting my opinion the MH :-)

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  • Your answer was probably too short you know it gets sent cause it will say opinion submitted.

  • you will see the "opinion submitted" thing ;-)

  • If your answer sent, then it will redirect you to another page, and there will be a banner at the top of your screen saying your opinion was posted. :)

    • Thanks, truns out I was so into the site I hadn't verified my email so it wouldn't lit me comment anything... feeling kind of dumb right now :-(

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