Do you miss anything about the old live feed?

Our current 'my feed' (from the home button) will let us do a lot of the old usuals: questions based on followed topic, filter by girls or guys, and apparently now by age (wth 'over 35'). We might as well trim down the age range to two groups, 'over 18' and 'under 18' :P

But one of the things I miss is a feed of people I follow (excsluvively). Now I have their stuff hiding in the site's massive volume of questions, so that I must individually go to my profile and iterate through each user to see their recent activity. What a pain! Or am I doing it wrong?

Me doing it wrong is actually a pretty high possibiliity. It's the graveyard hours and I'm tired and just saw the new site...

I feel whining over and over about it like a spoiled brat.

Do you think it could get the functionality of the old feed back?


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  • I miss that as well!!


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  • Yeah I filter questions based on the people I follow. That should be fixed. No joke.

  • yes, I still miss the spontaneity of the old live feed. I guess maybe such things are too costly for the site?

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