Make "guru" and "master" status community voted?

Currently the status of guru and master can be achieved by anyone with enough patience to work up the points for it. As they stick out quite a lot, i see this as a false representation of knowledge (subjective opinion).

Thus i think it would be a good idea to make each guru/master title given by the comunity through votes. Thus they are earned not by getting a lot of XPER, but by contributing in a positive way and providing good answers.
The result is that when you see a guru or master you know (s) he has deserved it by contributing positively.
Please vote in the poll, and feel free to provide some written input on the idea.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • No, I disagree. This kind of system would just encourage the site to become a huge popularity contest - more than it already is. We already have so many questions like "Who is the prettiest/hottest/kindest/smartest/etc person here", and it's always the same users getting nominated, guaranteed. So I could probably tell you who would be voted for to become a guru or master, and honestly, most of them aren't deserving of the title based on the criteria you outline here.


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What Girls Said 6

  • No, I mean it takes forever to get to master/guru. I don't really think somebody would waste their time on here just so they could get to that status. If they do take time to get to that status, it's most likely because they actually want to give good advice. Even if that's not true, who cares is a master/guru gives bad advice? You can disregard it if you want. The status means nothing, really. It's just another label.

  • No, I like the system as it is. Once you know how someone became a guru and a master it's not like you automatically take them more seriously anyway.

  • I think Guru and Master should be based on Most Helpful percentage. Once you reach a certain number of comments and have a high enough MH % you should get rewarded with the higher status.

  • Guru and master users are long time users, they have that tittle for a reason.

    • yes, because they've accumulated enough XPER. as i stated, patience and multiple posts is not proof of knowledge.
      XPER can be gained simply by being first poster (allowing you to "farm" xper by spamming short semi-relevant answers to a ton of questions), post controversial asks which will get a lot of answers (you get more xper for posting questions with more than 10 coments), selecting MHO, sharing an opinion on a take, sharing an opinion on a question, AND you gain xper simply for logging in. (i got tired of writign them all. just look at the faq)
      My point is that XPER (which is used to determine guru and master) is not a reflection of actual knowledge, but rather on how long you have been here and how active you have been. I can post a lot of bullshit to quickly gain XPER, but that doesn't make me knowledgeable.

      It is thhis problem i want to avoid by making it comunity voted.

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    • It's meant as an agreeing statement. Because we both know your image is ironic, and that it really implies most people on the internet are just peopel with strong opinions. Hence my image is meant to compliment that by stating that something may not be true just because it looks fancy and cites important persons XD

    • Lol alright, man you have a good day :)

  • I don't know Guru Guru is a way to make us feel complete in this web site :3

  • I don't know. There are too many trolls on this website.

    • well, the point is to prevent those people from getting the "guru" or "master" status...
      Yes, it'd be a problem with those getting to vote, but generally trolls tend to be low level, so a simple level cap on voting could limit their impact on the selections.
      just braintorming XD

What Guys Said 4

  • It's a flawed plan.

    If you know the social groups that circulate on here, Guru and Master titles would simply turn into a popularity contest, in which many of the spammers would be the ones to get the titles. I'm sure I could speculate with some accuracy which users would have the titles of Guru and Master.

    The best way to know if a person is knowledgeable, always has been and always will be, by using multiple sources of information. You can look at their xper, most helpful answers, their user history, your own knowledge of a particular user, and gut instincts.

    But in any case, I believe that elected Gurus/Masters would take away from what this site is... or what it's supposed to be...

    A place where the layman can come to both get and give advice. It's not supposed to be a professional help site for dating. This is the battle grounds where men and women clash views and accumulate insight into the mind of their next possible partner.

    Every user has potential usefulness in this sense, not simply the knowledgeable one.

  • I kinda thinks the same way too.

  • TBH, I think the guru/master thing is stupid.

  • Maybe they should add a Grandmaster title, for voting?