So when I try to post a question it says "you've already shared the same post" but the thing is, I haven't written anything remotely close to it?

why does this keep happening? -.- It so annoying!! Even if I try to use other words it still doesn't work :/
Has other users experienced this?


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  • We're so sorry to hear you're having issues using GirlsAskGuys!
    Please tell us what kind of device you're using (desktop, mobile, Mac, PC, etc) and what browser you're using (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc) so that we can investigate the issue!
    If you could possibly send us a screenshot of the problem, that'd be really helpful as well.

    Thanks so much!

    • iPhone 4s
      Browser: safari

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  • Yes that happens at times
    u should report it to the support team
    take a snapshot and send it to them


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  • Change your tittle.

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