Hello, I'm new, any advice?

Hi everyone, I'm new here so any advice for how things work would be appreciated. Or message me or something. :)


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  • Welcome to GirlsAskGuys!
    This is a place where you can learn about dating, relationships, family, behavior, and anything you can think of.
    Share your opinions & experiences to help the opposite sex!

    You can ask questions and hear opinions from real people.
    You can share your own opinions and stories on others' questions.
    You can keep the conversations going in threads by commenting, or you can private message other members for one on one help, or just to make a friend.
    You can share or read myTakes and gagTakes.
    You earn Xper points and you climb Xper levels and can cash in points for rewards like featuring your questions, giftcards, GirlsAskGuys t-shirts and even donations to RAVEN.

    Our FAQ is full of information like this! Please contact us with any questions that aren't answered there. :)

  • The only lies here are some of the accounts...
    And some stupid people that lie but unintentionally.

    Hard to tell what each person is...

    Be wary traveler.

  • Hey hey hey welcome to GAG!!!
    Like they told you, don't trust anyone. Beside that, it's a good community with some great people, so just have fun ;)

  • Welcome to the site. Happy Thanksgiving

  • Do your best not to get addicted to this site! 8-)


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