What happened to "Follows"?

"Follows" are a way of keeping track of topics, questions, people that you have an interest in. Yet it seems that GAG has done away with much of that. We can no longer choose to follow a question. Or at least not in any way I can see. Questions you were already following still remain followed, but no button to follow new ones.

And one used to be able to filter the feeds to people, topics, or questions that one is following. This was great when trying to keep track of any of those things when you don't have a lot of time for other topics. You can still choose a topic and list all the questions under it. Or select a user and look at each question, take, opinion, or comment separately.

But it used to be that one could select (for instance) "users that I follow" and have all the questions, opinion, etc of all those followed show up at once. That was great. Why is it gone? (Please bring it back)

Just tried to select MHO with 4 opinions showing, but could not. Message stated at least 4 opinions needed to select MHO. So, I am guessing that admins do not count as opinions, and possibly even moderators. Have to agree with needing at least 4 opinions or having to wait 24 hours to select MHO.


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  • that yellow button at the bottom of the ask that says "follow". Tried clicking it?

    • Oops. Something about the new look made me pass right over that. Thanks for that info. Any ideas on the rest of the question?

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    • Sorry about taking so long for this. I had to wait for the 24 hours.

    • meh, i know the site rules XD

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  • The follow buttons are now located at the bottom of each question, the big orange button.

    As for the rest of your questions, that was changed with the new site update. There is now no way to filter it by questions you follow, users you follow, or topics you follow, etc. It's just all lumped in together now under the "My Feed."

    • Well, @dartmaul15 and I both eagerly await the powers-that-be to return to their senses and fix what is obviously "broken". Give us worthy filters.

    • damn, sucks :(
      Thanks for letting us know though

    • Well, I am not the "powers-that-be" so you'll have to contact the admins and let them know.

  • There's a button at the bottom of the question right before the "What's Your Opinion" box. It's next to the all the other buttons for social communication websites.


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  • We'd like to make the filtering simpler, more personalized and more intelligent. As you post and follow users/content your My Feed tab will give you more relevant content. That said "Filtering by users I follow" feature is coming very soon :)