How to post a picture here?

How do you post pictures or images

I do paste the link but just the link shows and not the actual picture

I notice sometimes when I write a first comment it will show the picture, but when I respond to a post then the same link will only show as a link and not a picture?

Any help please


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  • Let's use ice cream as an example. Go to google images type in icecream click on the image that you want then press view image. Once it's full screen copy the link and post it on GAG.

    But you have to do it on your answer and not your content or it will appear as a link. Also you're limited to three post if it's more than three then the rest of them will appear as a link.

    • Sorry I just read tour details... Their is no way for the pictures to show up without clicking on the link if you leave it as a comment and not your answer.

    • Yea I noticed the same link posted as a picture on the first answer post I made, but then the same link when posting on a post by clicking 'comment' on GAG posted as a link

      So surely it doesn't work in comments then? Is that what you mean?

    • Yes sorry if I wasn't clear enough, and thank you for most helpful.

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  • You have to make sure that you're actually posting the image source. For example:

    That will not embed an image (I think), but if you right click and hit "open image" then post the URL ending in "gif, jpg, png, etc" it will

    • Edit to add: You can't embed pictures/gfs onto opinion comments. Only questions/takes and opinions.

    • Thank you

      I just noticed that... Makes sense now :)

  • Even if the link just shows up, I'm pretty sure people can still click on the link and view the photo that way.

    • Yes they can... but still how do you get pictures to post here?

      Its really bugging me lol

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    • Lol, I think the cool factor will in fact stay the same even if people have to click on links.

    • oh cmon how can it be

      Not its not the same lol... its one extra step, not cool

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  • Our FAQ is full of information like this.

    It's easy! Simply copy and paste the URL address of the video or image into your question's details or your opinion. After you've submitted your post, the system will embed it for you.
    Images and videos will only embed in a question's details or in an opinion, never in a question update.
    Also, you can only post 10 clickable links per post (3 will embed, the rest will appear as links)!
    If you're wanting to embed your own photo, you'll need to first upload that photo to an image sharing site like imgur or photobucket, then use the link they give you for the image.

    Please remember, nothing explicit or offensive! Keep it relatively clean, guys!

  • Click on the top right area above the search section of gag. Right above their your picture should be. Click on it and them go to edit. Then change photo.

  • upload them to tinypic or imgur, they will appear in the post you made with those urls. you also need xper level 2 to post pictures.

    • So if I upload the pictures to those sites, it will actually post the pictures here automatically and do just post a link?


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      Cranberrys to see if its working, are you right clicking, then opening the image in a new tab?

    • yeah, it doesn't always work in the comments, but you need to find a page with exclusively the image on it, and nothing else.

    Feel free to ignore just trying it out