How do you get a featured question?

What does a man have to do to get a featured question?


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  • To have one of your questions featured, you just have to contact the admins and request it. Go here: Under the drop-down box, select "redeem xper" and then in the text box, explain that you want a question featured and include the URL link of the question. It costs 750 xper points to do it and just remember, questions in a sexuality topic cannot be featured.


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  • Our FAQ is full of information like this, please check it out.

    By redeeming your Xper points, you can turn your questions into a Featured Question. You need to have at least 750 "redeemable" Xper points in your account to feature a question.

    Featured Questions are kept at the top of all question list pages, and are highlighted and kept in the Site Feed. This exposure gets more opinions on your question!

    To feature your question, go to the Contact Page, select Redeem Xper from the pull down menu, paste the link (URL) of your question to be featured in the form box, and click on Submit to send the form.

    You can also send us a Featured Question request from your own profile page. Click on My Xper from the left menu on your profile page and then click on Redeem Points button and include the URL link of the question you'd like featured..

    You will get a message letting you know your question is in line, as we feature in order by request. You'll then receive another message when your question is featured and the points have been redeemed.

    We do not feature questions in any Sexuality topic.
    Please carefully consider your Featured Question requests as modifications and cancellations are rarely, if ever, able to be accommodated.

  • spend XPER to put it in the "featured" pool.
    Will take some time to get posted though, so don't do it if you need it answered ASAP

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