Girls, what's your take on all the questions from guys regarding their height?

Literally. Every time I log on to GAG, I always see tons of these. Doesn't matter what month it is, how long I have been away, or what season it is.

It has become the "penis size" questions for me. I'd rather see those, actually, than see all these under 6" guys whining their asses off about how they're not tall enough to get a girlfriend.

Seriously. Your height is not the problem. I bet it's your whiny ass and self-pitying attitude and your unwillingness to LISTEN and open up your mind and mature a bit, THAT'S your problem. You just don't want to be responsible for your actions or inactions, so you blame it on 2 things you can't change: your height, and SOME women's tastes. You also nitpick. You're 2" shorter than 6'... guess you'll never get a girlfriend, huh? Better get a pet now...

I want to know how other girls think of this. Am I the only one who can't stand this? I wish @GirlsAskGuys has a button to block certain keywords from appearing in your feed... Am I the only one who wants to rip my hair off and jump out the window everytime I see a question of this category? Just because I've fucking lost faith in humanity.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I agree. This guys need to realize their best assets are their personalities. Height isn't everything neither is penis size. Work on yourself, get it together and they can find a great girl. Sometimes it's easier for people to blame others rather than take responsibility and just work on themselves, make themselves a better person. It's just self pity and insecurity those things alone are unattractive not height or the size of your man bits

    • PREACH!

      I wish every whiny loser would read this... But then, they probably wouldn't be able to understand it because their self pity clouds their minds...

    • lol self pity clouds are way too thick around these parts

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What Guys Said 5

  • Height, Penis, Labia, Boob questions all bug the fuck out of me. All those things are physical characteristics you can't easily change. Just accept and rock out with what you have. Sure, some may not like whatever you have in those categories, but who wants to please everyone?

    • I agree. And it's the OBSESSING over these "shortcomings" and refusing to listen to what people say, that aggravates me and makes me want to bomb this site. They're basically like little cihuahuas yapping on and on and on just because of one little thing they nitpicked because they're too lazy or too stupid to do some self. reflection.

    • It's because - like you say - they don't want to reflect on being the best them they can be, so the use the crutch of "well I'm short that's why I get rejected"... No, it's because you're a douche you're rejected.

    • yeah. Not to mention pathetic and the unwillingness to try to be a better person makes you a very lousy company. No one wants to be with someone who has a bad personality.

  • "You're 2" shorter than 6'... guess you'll never get a girlfriend, huh? Better get a pet now..."
    Really? I'm 5'10 (single) think it's time to make my pet German Shepherd Dog my next GF (jk)

    The motto of this site is to remove the doubts of the people and to encourage them and it helps them to ask such things from different sex which in real life will be very difficult. So in my opinion they should ask whatever they want because they just want to live with more pride.

    • I know that people have insecurities. But it gets really annoying when there are so many people asking it and each guy asks like 50 times. All in a negative, whiny, complaining tone. Seems to me like they're venting.

      Most of the girls who answered on those questions always say that those guys are fine to them, that height isn't that important, that most girls don't have that frigid of a standard. Yet do any of those guys listen? NO. They just keep on posting whiny venting questions again and again.

      Guess what? It's not the height that prevents them from getting a girl. It's the annoying negativity that drives the girls nuts and away from them.

      I wish @GirlsAskGuys would find a way so we can filter out certain keywords from our search...

    • I agree. I think GirlsAskGuys have okay search feature. One should check entering their height in the search to check the opinions before asking such questions unless there are not such satisfying answers. I think they do it because they are lazy or they just want +1 xper point (they are not creative enough to ask anything new). But they just can't be stopped because these things doesn't halt the basic site rules. Ignorance is the only weapon left for us.

  • It's not just height, it's breast size, vagina tightness, questions about being a slut, penis questions and so on, the list is endless.

    It has to be the same people posting the same questions every time. It's funny, I am a short and two of my friends are short and not one of us has ever complained about our height, we just accept we're short, we don't care and we attract women. My two friends attract more women than I do, but I do alright.

    You're definitely right being short is not nearly as bad as men think it is and a poor attitude is far more off putting to a girl than a man's height.

  • yeah it was pretty frequent like last month I noticed.

    • God, SERIOUSLY. I bet it's the same couple of people who posted their questions 20 times a week.

  • i am 6'5ft. i just asked this question and I've gotten a lot of surprising answers. the majority of my women like their men taller and at less half of them want them to be at less 6 foot or above, this also includes the women i asked IRL. i dont get it, i talked to a girl that was 4'11 in DC while my trip back and she didn't want anything to deal with a man under 6 foot. i guess its like girls with body size issues, bump it!

    • 1. Those girls who say they won't take anyone under 6' probably has no dating experience or very little. To be that picky of their partners... Reminded me of when I was younger and more stupid. I used to be pickier than I am now as well.

      2. Theory #2: Men lie to women about their height. So there's a chance that those girls have no cloe what 6' actually looks like. They might think a 5'7" guy is 6' just because he seems so much taller than her (if she's only 4'11" for example.)

      The point is: no decent girl is that picky. I never know a girl who would refuse to date someone if they're not at least 6' tall. Most girls just want a guy who is taller than them, so they can feel all tiny and feminine. This means that 6' girls would not want a 5'7" guy, sure. but there would be enough 5'2" girls who would happily date a 5'7" guy.

    • well, in the area i was born and raised. 6ft guys are VERY common. one and two, you can scratch those right off people she was my age with a doctorate... so yeah. she awesome by the way but im just shocking on her out look in life. i get what you're saying though and respect it but i think you're taking this a little too personally.

What Girls Said 5

  • People need to know sizes of penis and height can't be alter unless they eant to put themselves in danger. What if girls say yeah too small, too short? They can't change anything.
    Be grateful we are healthy and abe to skip, run, jog, roll whereas other peo
    Le are not as fortunate as us...

    • I've never seen it like that but you have a valid point kanga.

      There are people out there or close to us with real actual problems. It's like when first worlders complain how their parents won't give them the latest iPhone for Christmas, while there are people who have to scour the dumpstee of kfc to get some leftover half eaten chicken for their children to eat. And those children were so happy for those half eaten garbage it's like Christmas.

    • not referred to u but i referred to those who likes to ask about penis and height. Vote C

  • a way to filter out certain keywords would be great! then the questions you're actually interested in would actually be noticed.

  • The penis thing is what bothers me the most xD it's like daaaang it's just a body part. It's like saying damn it my kidneys aren't big enough... You don't hear anyone saying that haha xD

  • It bothers me a little but I try my best to ignore them but seriously because of how many of those questions are on here and If I had a boyfriend and he asked me one of those questions; I'll drop him on the spot because it can get annoying

  • They annoy the shit out of me