Why is double-blind anonymity bad?

I often post anonymously for good reasons but whenever I say something that is... "aggressive" I find that people are quick to note that I am posting anonymously as if I did not know this making foolish claims such as "You are a coward" or "You must be a jerk" despite the fact that I would say the same thing anyway regardless of the blind because it's a double-blind to begin with!

What's next? If your real picture isn't up are you a conspirator with Anonymous then? Shall we brandish our teeth at those who would dare put a car up instead of their faces? Such is strange to me. Explain your impoverished thinking; it is too lowly for me to be able to theorize without balking at the thought and automatically giving you greater credit than you deserve.


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  • Hahaha the tone escalated quickly (the last part especially).
    I think people tend to establish some sort of (even if nebulous) identity on here and may post anonymously to keep others in the dark even as to that small bit of identity. Others (the comment recipients) may feel robbed of even that hint as to who the anonymous person might be (or how credible their opinion might be, perhaps?) when they disagree with the anonymous commenter/poster.
    My computer skills aren't on the level of Anonymous, sadly.
    (Posting anonymously bc irony :D)

    • I see. So it is a matter of some frivolous social stratification here? Interesting indeed.

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    • Ok - was just curious!

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • I don't know I guess your username is your identity here and when you post something anonymously people say it's cowardly since not only will you not put your face to your words but you won't even put your username. Also it means you can harass/ taunt someone and they can't block you :/

    Personally I dont really care whether or not someone posts annonymously but those are probably the reasons why people attack annonymous posters

    • I would think that harassment would imply repetitious seeking behavior. I do not hunt anyone. I do not remember many names. At the end of the day you are all just as anonymous as I. Still, if someone wanted to block me they need only say so. I have no problem allowing them that.

    • Well I never said that you harass people when posting annonymously but other people probably do use it as a shield.

    • What a strange culture.

  • sorry. can you explain it to me like im 5? (seriously, no sarcasm)

    • ...

      If no one knows who you are on the internet anyway why is it that posting anonymously has it's stupid connot... um... assumptions.

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    • it is some form of recognition, and people like recognition. and on the plus side, if it makes them feel better that a profile that is linked to them is well respected in that community then its definitely a motivational booster to continue upkeeping said reputation.

    • I see. Emotional needs.