How Amazon. com is related with GAG? How can we redeem our points to books or other goodies?

How Amazon. com is connected with GAG account? How can we redeem our points to Books or other goodies?


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  • You can redeem 5,000 Xper points for a gift card worth $20 on Amazon.

    You can either send the Admins a message to let them know that you want to redeem your points, or you can go to your My Xper page and redeem there.
    Contact the Admins here:

    When your request is processed, you'll get an e-mail with a gift card code that you can use on your Amazon account. Once you use that code on Amazon, the gift card credit will be on your account permanently (gift cards on Amazon never expire). And, of course, you can use that gift card however you want.

    You can read all about Xper, how to redeem it, and what you can redeem it for, in the FAQ:


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  • When you purchase a amazon giftcard, you will get a email so you can activate the card on your amazon online account.

    • I meant when you redeem a amazon giftcard **

    • All country users can use it? I meant to say that If I bought a electronic device , would it ship to my country?

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