Is it possible to get an opinion removed without receiving a message telling you it was removed?

I'm certain I answered a question and no answer for it appears on the question or on my profile. It was there before, but now it's gone. When my stuff gets taken down I always get a message, but I haven't got one this time. @GirlsAskGuys is it possible for it to be removed without me getting a message or is it an error of some kind?

Srsly, @GirlsAskGuys what happened to my opinion on this question?

It won't let me post there because more than one opinion isn't allowed, but my opinion isn't there or on my profile.


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  • It could have been hidden by a mod but an admin hasn't made a decision on it yet.

    • I get a system message when something gets hid by a mod. Nothing this time.

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    • "Before, I've got a message when it gets hid and then another when it gets finally deleted."
      Asker, this is only for questions, not opinions or comments.

    • I have never had a question removed, but I know for opinions you don't get a message until it's been removed by an admin. I've had my stuff hidden then had it reappear before a couple of times. Presumably because an admin decided it didn't violate the posting guidelines.

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  • That's happened to me before too. I think they took down the question itself, not just my opinion.

  • Yes, I think more of my opinons must have been removed too.. I haven't checked it though.

  • Not sure. Check in the faq?

    • Per the FAQ: "You will receive a message with a general explanation as to why your post was removed."

      I am 100% certain that either an error has occurred or that this is incorrect.

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  • When you have issues, please send us a message rather than post about it as you'll be helped much faster that way. You're constantly posting about issues, but we never receive any messages from you.
    As CommieDearest said, when your opinion or comment is hidden by someone on our moderation team, you do not receive a message but the post will be gone until admins have reviewed it and made a decision to restore it or permanently remove it.
    Next time, wait 24 hours before contacting us for things like this as there was no issue, it simply takes about 24 hours for us to sort through the previous day's reports and hides.

    • Thank you for that clarification.

      I have used the contact form multiple times and I have never received any response to anything I have submitted there. I have gotten much more feedback, especially from you, by posting open questions and mentioning you. If you would respond to questions I ask via message or contact form, I wouldn't post them here.

    • Everything that requires a response is responded to.

    • I would be embarrassed to speak to my customers that way.

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