Why can't you flag a myTake?

Why can't you flag a myTake?


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  • You can flag myTakes (gray lightbulb) but you cannot flag gagTakes (blue/pink lightbulb).
    Reason: gagTakes have already been carefully reviewed (and promoted, since they're gagTakes) by the admin team, therefore the decision on the post has been made (approval).

    • Oh ok, so do all myTakes become reviewed and then become gagTakes?

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    • If you disagree with something in a gagTake, yes, PLEASE comment, keep the discussion going!

    • Ok, Thanks.

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  • Why want you flag someone's opinion?

    • No, I'm just curious as to why that's not an option because surely a myTake has the potential to abuse the rules of the site.

    • Cause there doing right. It's like YouTube. If you see a video about rape and see guys laughing about on comment section... First of all the internet is not your friend and it's not for sensitive people , flagging an opinion for future use is dum cause title warns you wha you are about to read before you read.

    • Then why can people flag the comments and questions? Shouldn't it be consistent, either the ability to flag or no ability to flag?

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  • I believe they're working on certain parts of the myTake feature. It's still fairly new.
    Mods are supposed to be able to change a Take's Topic if necessary (we do the same thing with Questions, to help keep things better organized and make sure they get the attention they deserve), but for right now we're unable to do it. So I imagine they just have a few kinks to work out here and there.

    • Oh ok. That makes more sense.

  • I'm not sure. Maybe if we talk about it enough it'll become an option.

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