Anonymity... I don't get it?

This may sound like one of those bullshit questions but I genuinely don't understand why some people comment or post questions anonymously. If it's really personal & you don't want people to message you about it I can kinda understand but it's not like anyone knows who you actually are & especially if it's something really trivial.
All answers welcome I may just be insensitive but I just don't get it.


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  • I genuinely don't understand why this is such a hangup for people on this site. Like seriously, forget being some other group that society hates... GAG people just can't get over not knowing who's behind the anons on here. Anywhere from "yeah I understand people want to be private"... all the way to "people are just cowards that hide beyond the anon mask".

    Seriously man, get over it. You might think "if they weren't anon, there would be some kind of profile to identify them (or block them) but I still wouldn't really know them... so why do they still do it?"... because they can. The more you try to understand it, the more mad you'll make yourself.

    So yeah, you don't get the anons. I don't get the frustrations, distrust, and aching curiosity with people who can't just leave it alone.

    • Is this the guy from my other question?
      I'm not mad or annoyed or hung up in it I'm genuinely interested, if there something I don't understand I always try to then understand it

    • What other question? I guess I'm not, if I don't know lol

      Anyway, many people have their own reasons for going anon. For me personally, 100% of my answers on this site have been on anon. I'd rather people just read my words than for me to gain some kind of notoriety on this site and cause people to have a good/bad bias just from that identity alone.

    • Fair enough. If all your answers are anon then I understand but when it's only some random ones that aren't personal I get it

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  • No your right I don't get the point. Its not like I'm going to look at your username, hack into the system and find out your personal details, find your name/address etc., jump on a plane and come find you, and then tease you about the boy whose giving you mixed signals or whatever. There's no point, but whatever :)

  • No, I know someone on here that I'm also friends with in real life. She's the one who told me about this site. Some people do know who others actually are

    • Ok but I assume that there are very few of you compared to randomers whicj doesn't account for the amount if anonymous comments unless it's just like 5 people who are never off the site and answer almost every question

    • Yeah, I see what you're saying. I don't know i guess it just makes people feel better about sharing something private. Because some people make online friends on here i right? So that could be why too

    • I get your point but it's still online and most of them are trivial things anyway.

  • maybe because they are ashamed sometimes I post questions and someone i know sees it and know its me even if my username is really different form my real personality/

  • There's always a fear that someone will find out. Be anon. Be safe.


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  • There are questions where if people knew that I'm the Asker, they'd be biased in their answer. It's better if they don't know who they are talking to sometimes.

    Anonymous answers, well sometimes people just don't want to show their identity when they provide an answer because someone might navigate to it from their profile and see it and they don't want to share that with the world and have it linked to them, so they post as anon. Some others just use it to tell you how "disappointed they are by your question" just to try to tick you off.
    Technically I'm getting annoyed by that so I tend to block anonymous answers unless the question is specifically about something embarrassing or close to heart.

    • & what about the anons when the comment or question is really trivial. Like the 2nd featured question right now?

    • I guess some people either just don't like showing their identity on this site, or they just don't want others to see that they are the ones who don't know the answer to that specific question. I guess there can be some reasons as such.

  • Neither do I.

    • Oh I get it, it's ironic, hilarious!

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    • Why count they've been your first post?
      I'm not saying it's bad I'm saying it's overused & used unnecessarily

    • It might be overused but, let's be honest, most people here will probably have some issue wrt social skills. I have no worry with anons. As I said, the worst answers and most of the worst questions are not posted anonymously. If it makes them feel comfortable, why not?