My little sisters and brother woke me up this morning cuz their accounts were deleted wtf? How do I fix this for them?

So apparently my little sister tried to sign in to her account on GAG this morning and she was greeted with a banner saying she's no longer registered. So then her twin brother and my other sister were fuckin with my phone trying to sign in and it said the same to all of them so they woke me up to sign in to mine. I could but I had a message saying GAG deleted my multiple accounts. I don't have multiple accounts. I have one. This one. It's just that I'm the only one with a connection to the internet so all four of us use my phone to do everything. How do I fix this? They won't stop complaining and are pissin me off.


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  • Oh, the IP thing?


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  • More than one person in the house is welcome to create an account on GAG.
    However, we check several different criteria before deciding accounts are duplicated, it's never "one thing".

    • Well what "things" is it? Cuz I didn't make multiple accounts for my use.

    • We don't share what we investigate.

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  • Did they deserve to have their accounts deleted?

    • Most likely

    • No. They only got them deleted cuz they were using the same fucking up address as mine

    • *ip address

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