I think we should be notified to if one of our questions, take, comment or question/take we commented on was taking down. Do you agree?

I think we should be notified so that we can know what not to say. What's your opinion?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • You will be notified, you should get a message when something you post is removed.

    However, you will not be notified when something you post is only hidden. That's because it's only temporary, until the Admins decide whether or not it should be removed.

    • Do you know how long it is hidden for?

    • Really it just depends on how busy they are and when they can get to around to it. My guess is that a decision should be made within a day or so.

    • oh ok. Thanks :)

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What Guys Said 2

  • We do get notified in messages.

    • The comments below have informed me about this. :)

    • Sorry for posting the same answer then. Wasted my time typing and wasted your time reading. I feel so bad about myself now.

    • Oh no, don't feel bad, it's fine.

  • Aren't we notified? I know I always get an e mail about it...

    • Oh. They e-mail you? I would have though a message on here would be better.

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    • They DO send you a message here

    • ok. Thanks. :) @commiedearest

What Girls Said 3

  • You are notified if an admin decides to keep it removed.

    So yes... but... that already happens.

    • Does it happen for question/takes you commented on? or just your question/takes and comments?

    • If anything of yours gets removed you will be notified once an admin looks at it IF they decide it violates the guidelines.

    • oh ok. Thanks

  • we are notified. check your messages.

    • It wasn't removed so I don't know what happens when it is and I thought they just removed it without notifying the person.

  • That already exists.

    • Ohhh, I didn't know that. Sorry for asking. And thanks for telling me. :)

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