Anyone have any clue how to adjust the feeds on here?

So with the new feed system, is there any way to make the "Site Feed" the default, and not the "My Feed?" I tried changing to it and hitting save, but it didn't do anything. I'd much rather follow the Site Feed, the My Feed I guess is only people I follow, and I don't really use follow system much. It'd be better if we could set it to either or, or the third "Popular" option. Not a huge deal, its just kind of annoying to have to change it every time. I didn't see any info about that in the FAQ, unless I missed it.

Maybe our buddy @Sparrow24 can shed some light on this? :-)


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  • My Feed is the default feed now, there's no way to change it at this time.
    This is to encourage you guys to customize your G@G more, to Follow more Topics or G@Gers, etc.
    We are currently working on perhaps not having questions appear in My Feed anymore after you've shared on it, to keep the feeds completely fresh with Questions you haven't seen yet.
    Right now, if you've already shared on a Featured Question/Take, it will no longer show as Featured in the Feeds for you.

    We appreciate the feedback though, as always, and others have posted letting us know they don't like this. We promise we're listening :-)

    • Well aren't you guys sneaky, haha.

      Thanks for the info!

    • Haha, sure!

    • Thanks for MH!

      By the way, this will be changed soon, so stay tuned :-)

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  • I totally agree with you on this issue. I too would like to be able to set the Site Feed as the default, for the same reasons you mention.

  • I was thinking the same thing. I don't like the extra click, especially when on a mobile. It would be nice to have the option to have the whole site as a live feed or a customized one.

  • I'm the same. I now hit site feed over and over and over.

  • I have the exact same problem and asked the same question to @girlsaskguys

    They said there's nothing they can do about it :/

  • But you're an admin! Aren't you supposed to be all-knowing?


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