A question regarding GagTakes?

I was thinking of maybe writing a GagTake, but i'm not entirely sure what the criteria is for them - do they specifically have to be articles in which you give advice, or your opinion? Can they be personal anecdotal stories about your life?


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  • You don't write GagTakes, you would write a MyTake.

    GagTakes are merely "MyTakes" that the admins consider to be very helpful, insightful, and well-written so they promote them to be "GagTakes" and you get 100 xper points. When you write a MyTake, it only shows up on your profile but the admins review all MyTakes and then decide which ones they want to promote to be a GagTake. And yes, it can be a personal life-story, you can write about whatever you want and if the admins want more people in the community to see it, then they will promote it and it will appear in the "Recent" tab under "Takes."


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  • They don't have to fit any criteria, I don't think. It can be just a huge rant about something that pissed you off. It can be anything. Write whatever you want.